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Let's cut the crap. Most reviews and previews of movies and television programming is filled with an eye for the boring stuff. Do you want to know if you'll have fun with a particular movie or TV show? We'll let you know. That's what we're here for!

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Movie censorship by 3rd parties?

I'm not sure this is really what they did but...

Here's a poor quality copy of Oingo Boingo on "The Gong Show!" And apologies, it's Richard Elfman in a rocket not Danny in a bathtub.

Here's that X-Men video Rob warned you about.

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Todd Vandenberg

Todd Vandenberg

Todd ideam habet quam quod minimum esse in spatio, sed est spectare voluit et fidibus in latinum transtulit et Presto, sed oportet nos habere aliquid quod vultus cerritulus.

Rob Steele

Rob Steele

The other half of the show. This off-the-wall writer-of-stuff enjoys his sci-fi and fantasy but also enjoys mysteries - not the least of which is: "What's the next subject on the show?
I forgot to write it down!"

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